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Our Story Starts with Our Name

To help avoid brand confusion, please use the correct name for the medical enterprise in all forms of communication.

Correct Name:
Keck Medicine of USC

It is never acceptable to use the name USC Keck.
USC Keck 

A brand is a set of associations — visual, intellectual and experiential — that defines an institution. These associations create a unique emotional connection that can provide a sustainable advantage when patients choose a health care system. Our brand story is the fundamental articulation of what Keck Medicine of USC stands for — what we promise and what we deliver.

These brand guidelines have been created to help users understand how Keck Medicine of USC is both connected to the University and unique in its own way. This is why we have our own set of guidelines, but the rules within are based on USC’s strong brand.


Beyond Exceptional Medicine

BEYOND EXCEPTIONAL MEDICINE is our tagline and it communicates the essence of our brand. Like any other part of our identity, our tagline should be used thoughtfully. It is most appropriate on communications materials with a promotional or marketing intent. In general, the tagline should appear on an element only once. However, in certain multi-page applications (such as PowerPoint presentations) it is permissible to use the tagline more than once.

Finally, it is not necessary for the tagline to appear on materials whose purpose is purely transactional, such as bills. The tagline may be used as part of our signature or as an independent element. In both cases, the tagline artwork must be used and scaled proportionately. No other typefaces should be used for our tagline.

Communication Goals

  • Build the Keck Medicine of USC brand.
  • Design the Keck Medicine of USC brand architecture to link the organization and all its offerings together while ensuring all offerings both benefit from and contribute to the Keck Medicine of USC brand.
  • Communicate clearly what is being offered, from whom and where — AND that it is being offered by Keck Medicine of USC.
  • Be patient – and communicate clearly to external audiences. Table of Organization is important to you, but rarely important to patients and others.

Guiding Principles

Keck Medicine of USC is the “hero,” the driver brand. The brand architecture and naming conventions should continually advance the entire Keck Medicine of USC brand. It should also avoid, wherever possible, having individual offerings named or depicted in a manner that create a separate brand-like appearance that compete with the Keck Medicine of USC brand for attention/memorability.

Each offering should be easily understood by all audiences.

Keeping it simple aids in clarity and keeps focus on the Keck Medicine of USC brand.

Similarity in how offerings are named and depicted makes each one more identifiable as being related to the others and being from Keck Medicine of USC.

Offerings should be named to clearly delineate one offering from other offerings.