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Official Typefaces

The primary serif typeface is Adobe Caslon Pro.

The primary sans serif typeface is National.

Each of these fonts offers a wide range of weights, allowing for small and digital use without degradation, and expresses the classic academic and collegiate qualities of the USC brand. All weights of both font families are available for use in printed applications.

Please use the links below to purchase licenses of the approved university typefaces:

Caslon Pro

Substitute Typefaces for Digital and Web Applications

While consistency is important, there are some limitations when using typefaces online. When Adobe Caslon Pro or National cannot be used in digital applications such as PowerPoint or on the Web, the following substitutes should be used as an alternative.

Georgia should be the first substitute used in place of Adobe Caslon Pro.


If Georgia is not available, then Times New Roman must be used.

OpenSans should be the first substitute used in place of National.


If OpenSans is not available, then Arial must be used.