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Official Colors

Primary Colors

USC’s official colors are PMS 201C (USC Cardinal) and PMS 123C (USC Gold). When used in combination, these colors are one of our brand’s most prominent assets. To maintain brand equity and prevent misuse, USC Cardinal must always be used at 100 percent — it must never be screened. In limited situations, when USC Gold is used as a background color, the color may be screened, but no less than 20 percent. Please note that all type must appear in either 100 percent USC Cardinal, 100 percent USC Gold over USC Cardinal, white over a background that provides suitable contrast, black or screens of black no lighter than 60 percent. All printed materials, whether on coated or uncoated stock, should match color to the coated PMS chips.


Acceptable Screen of PMS 123C:
The lightest acceptable screened usage
of USC Gold is when used as a background
color against white is 20 percent.

Secondary Color Palette





Screening Secondary Colors:  Any color within the secondary palette may be screened to allow for ultimate flexibility across various applications.
Typically, colors should be screened lighter than 10 percent.

Color Conversion Chart

The chart below offers numerical formulas for matching official colors for both print and web applications:

Approved Color Combinations for Logos

Cardinal Background
When the logotype appears on a cardinal background it reverses to white with the monogram in gold. This is the preferred scheme for marketing and signage.


Gold Background
When the logotype appears on a gold background it can either reverse to white or appear in black. In either case, the monogram will remain cardinal on a gold background.



Black Background
When the logotype appears on a dark background it reverses to white with the monogram runs in either cardinal, gold or 50 percent black.



When black is the only color available the USC monogram should appear at 50 percent black whether the logotype is on a white or black background.



White Background
When the logotype appears on a white background it should be black with the monogram in cardinal.



When only one color is available, the preferred color way is greyscale.  If using a dark background, all white is also permissible